Hello, I am an Engineering Manager at Facebook with 15+ years in Ad Technology, Natural Language Processing and Data mining. (Learn More)
December 27, 2015

What I look for in my hires

In here, I discuss the 7 qualities I look for in my hires - Predictability, Empathy, Autonomy, Adaptability, Growth potential, Ownership and Problem solving.
January 18, 2014

What I learnt about hiring

During the last year, Affectv has experienced rapid growth. We have doubled the engineering team in the last 8 months. This is a compilation of some of the things I learnt about the hiring process.
June 16, 2013

Cookie Mapping in Advertising

In this article, we will cover the process of cookie mapping (or cookie syncing) and how advertising companies use it to exchange information with websites and advertising platforms to serve relevant advertising to a user.
February 23, 2013

Building a url shortener in 10 mins

A 10 minute guide to building your own url shortener i.e. a service that lets you shorten a long url to a shorter url that takes up less number of characters.
August 22, 2012

Apache Pig Tutorial

An unofficial Apache Pig tutorial for the beginning and intermediate user which covers the basics of Pig and moves on to the more advanced concepts.
April 09, 2012

Summarisation Demo

Working demo of a summarization module I wrote a few years ago. This webapp lets you create summaries of large pieces of text.
February 17, 2012

Going Text-mode

I spend a great deal of time working on the Terminal. Here, I list my must-have console applications for email, www browsing, and programming in Linux, Windows and Mac OSX.
February 10, 2012

Setting up Replica sets in MongoDB

A 5-minute guide to setting up replica sets on MongoDB. Covers downloading, installation on various flavours of linux, editing the config file and initiating replica sets!
December 27, 2011

Super quick Find & Replace

This article explores a number of ways of performing a find/replace and compares the various implementations for different sizes of the find/replace list and input text.
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